2016 California RV Show Offers Affordable Scooter Rentals
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2016 California RV Show Offers Affordable Scooter Rentals

If you and your family are going to this year’s California RV Show, and you’re wondering about the accessibility of the show – then worry not! The California RV Show takes great strides in order to ensure that our show grounds are as accessible as can be for all of the customers and showgoers who will be attending.

One way in which the California RV Show ensures this is by offering comfortable and affordable scooter rentals during all ten days of our RV show. At the California RV Show, held annually at the spacious Pomona Fairgrounds, you will be able to access scooter rentals for half a day at the price of $25, or a full day’s rental at $50.

What you and your family will find when you come to this RV show is rows upon rows of the best RV units made by the very best of RV manufacturers. There will be over 200 different RV brands, nearly 50 different RV manufacturers, and 20 RV dealerships – all providing you with over 1,300 brand new RV units for you to peruse at your leisure!

And if that wasn’t enough, the California RV Show offers more than just RVs, too! There’s something for the whole family to be found at this RV show, as there will also be live entertainment and music, free Ferris Wheel rides, 4 food courts, a customer lounge area, and much more!

So this October 7 – October 16, 2016, be sure to pencil in the California RV Show as a must-see family event! There’s just so much to see at this show, and with its high levels of accessibility, and pet loving and family friendly atmosphere, you’re sure to feel welcome!

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