What Can I Do To Prepare For The 2016 Pomona RV Show?
Pomona RV Show

What Can I Do To Prepare For The 2016 Pomona RV Show?

The 2016 Pomona California RV Show is fast approaching. Every October, RV manufacturers, dealers, and enthusiasts gather in the beautiful Pomona Fairgrounds to check out the latest and the greatest of RVs in the market. For those with a true passion for the RV lifestyle, there is plenty that you can do to get yourself and your family ready for this ten day extravaganza!

Whether you’re attending the RV Show just for one day, or for each and every day of the event, make sure that you are well prepared by keeping these tips in mind:

1. Go In With A Plan

Write down a list of RV names and models, or of specific RV qualities that you are interested in, so that when you arrive at the show you can make the most out of your time touring and perusing the many units on display. Because the Pomona RV Show will have over 1300 RVs from 224 different RV brands at the show, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed if you don’t at least go in with a loose plan!

Feel free to explore the huge RV Show fairgrounds, of course – but it helps to know what it is you’re looking for when you’re at the Pomona, California RV Show!

2. Stay Refreshed and Hydrated

Being out and about under the California sun will surely make for an excellent October day with your family, but be sure to keep yourself safe and healthy while you’re having fun. Protect yourself from the heat with comfortable and airy clothing, plenty of sunscreen, and/or a hat and shades as needed.

At the Pomona RV Show you will also have access to a luxurious customer lounge area where you can come to rest your feet, along with four choices of food courts that you can go to and refuel with some delicious grub and cold drinks.

3. Experience It All!

Though the 2016 Pomona RV Show is, at its heart, a brilliant showcase of all kinds of recreational vehicles, there are also tons of other things to do at this event as well. Experience live music entertainment, informational How-To seminars, Vendor booths, and more.

As the longest running RV Show around, the Pomona California RV Show offers free Ferris Wheel rides along with celebrity meet and greets to delight and interest you in between the RV exploring you’ll be doing. So be sure to experience all that this show has to offer you!

So mark your calendars for this October 7 through October 16 – because this is one RV Show that you don’t want to miss!

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