Celebrate The 65th Anniversary Of The Pomona RV Show With Us
Pomona RV Show

Celebrate The 65th Anniversary Of The Pomona RV Show With Us

Come celebrate the 65th anniversary of the big Pomona RV Show with us! We are the largest as well as the longest running RV show on the West Coast – and for very good reason. When our loyal showgoers come to this RV show, they know that they’ll find a humongous amount of gorgeous, brand new RVs coming from the most trusted of manufacturers!

At the Pomona RV Show, you’ll be able to talk to knowledgeable factory reps coming from the best RV manufacturing companies and brands, along with sales, service, and finance staff from local California dealerships.

What’s more, you can meet up with, trade stories, and befriend other like-minded RV enthusiasts and travelers when you come to an RV show like this! There’s plenty of fun to be had, information to be learned, and irresistible deals to reap the benefits from!

Be sure to mark this year’s calendar down for October 6 – October 15, when the Pomona RV Show will be taking place! You might be able to discover your new favorite RV or RVs at one of the many booths on display at the show. And who knows, you may even go home the proud owner of one as well!

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