What Did DDRV Provide The Best RV Show Goers With Last Year?
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What Did DDRV Provide The Best RV Show Goers With Last Year?

New Kid on the Block

The Pomona RV Show is the very first RV show for our recently opened California dealership. Everyone is very proud and excited to see all of the hard work finally pay off into something that looks so good. It has been a lengthy process for us to get to this point. Weeks and weeks of planning have finally culminated in our whole display being completed and set up for the first time, and we could not be happier!

(If you look closely you can see Sammy making some last minute adjustments next to that Heartland Wilderness.)

The Last Piece in Place

David and our whole Service department did an amazing job transporting all of the RVs from Westminster to Pomona and arranging them to fit into our display. They were tasked with assembling a gigantic puzzle and they did it flawlessly so that the display is easy to navigate while still including the largest inventory that you will find at the show! These HUGE Stellar Fifth Wheels are visible proof that they rose to the challenge!

Some Words of Wisdom

Scott Thorpe, Vice President and General Manager, addresses the whole DDRV team for one last speech before the show begins. Fred Bennett, Operations Manager, stands loyally by his side ready to solve any unexpected problems that pop up.

Good Eats

Everyone is in high spirits (the celebratory barbecue certainly does not hurt) and ready for a great show! The food is delicious and seconds or even thirds aren’t enough!

The Night Before

From atop a Fifth Wheel from Outdoors RV, we can see that all of the preparation for the show is complete. Computers are wired, RVs are in place and the tent is standing. Everything is where it should be. All that is left is to go home and get a good night’s sleep so that we are ready for tomorrow, the best RV Show around!

The (First) Big Day

We arrive bright and early to double and triple-check that everything is in place. At 10 AM the doors open and the first of the attendees come rushing in to the best RV show in California. We are open and ready for business!

Great Weather!

Some customers pass between two Class A’s after visiting our display. It is a beautiful day today! It hasn’t gotten too hot yet, the clouds are out and our display looks great!

Coachmen Row

Pomona is inland so it can get pretty hot. At one point the thermometer read 105 degrees! We extended all of the awnings on these gigantic Coachmen Class As to help everyone beat the heat. There’s nothing better than cooling off under a giant Class A!

It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts

There was no issue fitting all of these customers into a Class A, because these things are enormous!

Our Centerpiece

best RV show
All of the paths of the DDRV display meet at a gigantic tent. It is a place for everyone to be able to escape from the sun and relax for a bit. We have a caricature artist drawing free caricatures, TVs playing entertaining informational videos and catalogs to browse our HUGE inventory!


Riverside RV’s Retros have risen to popularity in recent years. Their exteriors are a blast from the past, while their interiors provide you with all of the modern amenities that you’re used to.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Omega RV. They are new to the RV world but their popularity would suggest otherwise. Their Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels provide you with a modern design and the latest and greatest!

Mission Control

I would bet that this office is the busiest place in the whole Pomona RV Show. The door is never closed for more than a second before someone enters or exits the room.

Questions Answered

best RV show
Our experienced sales staff will answer all of your questions whether they are about this Sandstorm or about one of our many other RVs.

Wrapping Up

The sun is beginning to set on our section of Coachmen RVs and the best RV show around is hours away from ending.

That’s All Folks!

best RV show
We had an absolutely amazing show! Our very first Pomona RV Show exceeded all of our expectations and we couldn’t be happier! Even though the best RV show in CA only ended moments ago, we are ready for the next one to begin! See you there!

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