Get Coachmen RVs At The Best RV Show In 2016
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Get Coachmen RVs At The Best RV Show In 2016

Out of the many manufacturers that will be in attendance this year at the best RV show in the country (otherwise known as the 2016 California RV Show), there isn’t one quite like Coachmen! If you’re one of those planning to attend the Pomona RV Show that kicks off this week, treat yourself by checking out the Coachmen units which will be at the DDRV booth!

Should you want a little more information on the Coachmen RV manufacturer name:

Since 1964, Coachmen has been an RV manufacturer “ truly dedicated to the enrichment of your life and your RV experience!” Coachmen RVs are reliably built with exceptional value – and not only that but you’ll certainly be making friends and memories that will last a lifetime with a Coachmen RV!

For over 50 years, Coachmen has provided the RV world with top quality motorhomes, trailers and more! As a family business founded by three brothers, Tom, Keith and Claude Corson, Coachmen grew from a small operation into a well-respected company that has built and sold more than 600,000 RVs!

Be sure to come to the DDRV booth at this year’s very best RV show! You’ll get an up-close look at the Coachmen units in their display.

Discover an RV that you love – and perhaps you’ll even walk away the proud owner of a new motorhome from Coachmen here at the California RV Show!

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