An In-Depth Look At Last Year’s Pomona RV Show
Pomona RV Show

An In-Depth Look At Last Year’s Pomona RV Show

For an in-depth look at previous years at the Pomona RV Show, we at Dennis Dillon RV are here for you! Thanks to the hundreds of different RV brands from well known and highly trusted RV manufacturing companies, plenty of California local RV dealers like DDRV that were dedicated to helping out and answering questions, and the many kind and enthusiastic patrons, 2015’s Pomona RV Show was a complete and utter success.

RV lovers came from far and wide to take extended and in-depth tours of the units that caught their interest. With over a thousand brand new, great quality, and beautiful RVs to choose from, there were certainly a lot of options around to catch one’s eye!

The Pomona RV Show is the longest running RV show around, at a whopping 64 years! 2015 was yet another good year for the Pomona RV Show, with plenty of vendors, test drive RV units, and even free Ferris Wheel rides for those who want to see the sprawling fairgrounds from up high!

Some of the special celebrity guests that could be found at 2015’s Pomona RV Show included Jim Abbott, Steve Garvey, and Eric Dickerson – the latter two of whom are making a return to the Pomona RV Show in 2016 as well! Guests with a keen eye might have even spotted Joe Jackson and Jermaine Jackson at the show, checking out the RVs that were on display.

This year the Pomona RV Show is determined to continue its streak of excellence. RV dealerships like that of Dennis Dillon RV can be counted on to go above and beyond to take care of all of your concerns, guide you through the best of RVs, and hopefully even set you up with an RV of your very own!

So be sure to mark your calendars, and plan to come to 2016’s Pomona RV Show to see what we have in store for you!

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