‘6.5’ Reasons To Visit The Pomona RV Show
Pomona RV Show

‘6.5’ Reasons To Visit The Pomona RV Show

Wondering what you will gain from visiting one of the Pomona RV Show? We have 6 and a half compelling reasons for you:

1. Saves Money

RV retail shows give you an opportunity to see many makes and models of RVs – at one time and in one place. There is no better way to comparison-shop for the RV that best fits your travel plans and budget. Visit The Pomona RV Show and save money spent driving from dealer to dealer and simply visit the dealers and other RV industry experts, who will enthusiastically assist you in finding the right RV.

2. Saves Google Time

Instead of spending time on your computer clicking away at websites visit an RV dealer or manufacturer expert at the RV shows. Attend seminars and questionnaire sessions, raise your concerns and see them answered. Save Google time, your eyes, your back, electricity, and the mental stress. RV shows present a rare opportunity to see many recreational vehicles and the experts. It’s an information investment that will get you the latest literature with live, expert opinion all in one place.

3. Stress Relievers Inside

What if you miss that best deal offer? Is your choice the right one? Should you wait a while longer, see if the dealers offer a greater incentive later on in the event? Planning an investment in an RV can be hectic – even more so in the presence of hypersctive salespersons and the competitive environment surroundings!

But fear not, these The Pomona RV Show offer a wide range of stress relieving activities – from games to exhibitions and food stalls and surprise events – that you’ll feel loosey goosey again in no time.

4. Gifts and Freebies Inside

Call it competitive incentives or promotional offers, but the fact is: you can bag a lot of freebies, gifts, coupons and discounts on purchases, or even get lucky draws!

The added feature in this show will be the freebies that come along with the RV of your dreams. Every manufacturer realizes this event to be the biggest opportunity for them to sell their 2014 RV models to make room for the 2015 models. So they add an assortment of free goodies that range from discount coupons, free gas, grills and camping chairs!

5. Pumps Joy, Drains Negative Energy

There are around 8.9 million households that can call themselves RVers- and the Pomona RV Show attracts them and their contagious enthusiasm and joyous moods like a magnet to iron filings! With so much enthusiasm, cheeriness, and joy surrounding you, you can expect your moods to ride the RVer tide.

6. Family Time

The event is a great resort for families. It gives ample opportunity for children to relieve their pent up energy visiting different exhibitions – whether they be RV booths or other fun ones! Couples will find it a good opportunity to unwind from their daily routines walking and visiting different dealers, or even bumping into celebrities that make routine appearances at the event.

0.5 -The Half Hearted Reason

Newcomers may be in need of ‘killing the troll’, the one that keeps coming to them at the last moments and causes confusion. Though the troll does not resemble Yoda of the Star Wars, it whispers a similar message “do or do not, it’s your investment, there is no try.” There is. The chance is here – at the Pomona RV Show. Give it a try. You’ll love it!

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