2016 Pomona RV Show Interview: Beverly & Winnebago RVs!
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2016 Pomona RV Show Interview: Beverly & Winnebago RVs!

The 2016 Pomona RV Show is going off without a hitch! We are well into the ten-day event now, and each day we’ve seen crowds upon crowds of happy show-goers inspecting the RVs, meeting sports celebrities, enjoying delicious grub, and more.

PomonaRVShow.com discovered that one of the California local dealers featured at the show, Dennis Dillon RV, has been interviewing some of the show goers about their impressions of the show this year, as well as their passion for the RVing lifestyle.

Check out DDRV’s interview of Beverly and her husband – who happen to be big Winnebago RV fans! – below:

DDRV: Is this your first time at the California RV Show?

BEVERLY: No, we go to the show very often – about every other year. We like to come to see the new, different motorhomes that they have out.

beverly pomona interviewDDRV: What was your first RV?

BEVERLY: We have a 2005 Winnebago that we just love. We’re very happy with it and haven’t had any problems with it. We make sure to keep it covered every time and do what we can to keep it neat, so it still looks great after all these years!

DDRV: Are you here to shop, here to look, or a mix of both?

BEVERLY: We’re thinking about trading in our current RV for a new one within the next four years, so we’re coming out here to the California RV Show to look at the selections.

We’ve been so happy with our Winnebago, we want to stay in the Winnebago family for this next one too.

DDRV: How long have you been RVing?

BEVERLY: Ever since we got our 2005 Winnebago, we’ve been traveling all over with it – so over 10 years now.

DDRV: Where do you like to go, and what do you do when you RV?

We have this group of about seven friends who get together every month in our RVs and head out. We’ll go almost anywhere, it doesn’t matter. We like to go and camp out by the ocean, we’ll go up north, we even go to more local areas. Just anywhere that strikes our fancies!

Many thanks to Beverly and her family from Dennis Dillon RV for the interview – And a HUGE thanks to Beverly from us at PomonaRVShow.com for coming down to the show!


If you’re planning on going to the RV Show this year to check out what it has to offer, then you’ve got until October 16 to make your way to the Pomona Fairplex in California! The show runs daily from 10AM to 6PM, so there’s more than enough time for you and your family to enjoy the show. We at PomonaRVShow.com would love to see you there!

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