3 Reasons Why Pomona RV Show 2016 Will Be The Best RV Show Ever
Pomona RV Show

3 Reasons Why Pomona RV Show 2016 Will Be The Best RV Show Ever

If you’ve been looking for the best RV show in 2016 to come to, be sure to check out the California RV Show, located in the city of Pomona! Just like we did last year, the dealership of Dennis Dillon RV is sure to have some of our best, brightest, and most beautiful RV units on display here at the Pomona RV Show.

1. So Many RVs to Choose From

With over “1,000 RVs Ready Now” at our dealership’s location in Westminster, California, there’s sure to be something amazing to be discovered when you come to the booth for Dennis Dillon RV!

2. Discover Many RV Features

The best RV show to go to is one where you can do an in-depth inspection of the RVs that you have been interested in. They are ones where you are able to really get a feel for the vehicle’s features, layout, and style – and hopefully, assist you to make a decision on the RV that best suits you and your family. All of this and more can be found at the Pomona RV Show with the help of the helpful and accommodating staff at Dennis Dillon RV.

3. Questions Will Be Answered

Be sure to stop by the booth of Dennis Dillon RV, as we will make sure to do all that we can to help you out with the most knowledgeable of staff around. Should you have any questions or concerns, the experienced staff at DDRV would be more than happy to address them!

Be Sure To Stop By!

We at Dennis Dillon RV have some of the most well-known and highly trusted RV brands and manufacturers in our inventory. Check out some of the luxurious, spacious, and glamorous RVs that DDRV can provide at the Pomona RV Show – the hands down best RV show in the state.

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