Discover The Latest 2017 RV Models At This Year’s Pomona RV Show
Pomona RV Show

Discover The Latest 2017 RV Models At This Year’s Pomona RV Show

Each year, the Pomona RV Show located at Pomona Fairplex in California reaches new heights of excellence. With one million square feet of RVs to explore, inspect, and admire, there is no lack of things to do here at this event.

Those who love the RV lifestyle are surely waiting with bated breath for October to come along. And for those who are interested in joining the RV lifestyle, there’s no better time or place to start looking into it than at this year’s Pomona RV Show!

At the Pomona RV Show this October 7 through October 16, you’ll discover rows upon rows of high-quality, beautifully furnished, and brand new RV models. And get this – not only will you find RVs of all sorts at this event, but there will be tons of other things to see, do, and experience besides.

From free RV ‘How-To’ seminars to 100 different Vendor Booths, as well as a variety of entertainment and attractions to take part in, there will be no lack of excitement at the 2016 Pomona RV Show.

Check out the live country and mariachi bands that will be performing at the Pomona RV Show, meet and greet some sports celebrities, and enjoy some hot, delicious grub at one of the food courts.

Over 1,300 brand new RVs, almost 50 RV manufacturers, over 220 RV brands, and 20 quality California local RV dealerships – all this and more makes the Pomona RV Show a must-see event this year. So be sure to not miss it!

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