Pets Are More Than Welcome At The Pomona RV Show!
Pomona RV Show

Pets Are More Than Welcome At The Pomona RV Show!

Are you an animal lover? Do you share your home and life with one, two, or even a whole band of four-legged friends?

If you’ve been thinking about going to one or more days of the Pomona RV Show this year, but aren’t sure of whether it’s okay to bring your pets to the show, then never fear! At the Pomona RV Show, pets are more than welcome to tag along as you explore the show grounds.

Our pet-friendly show is a great place for the whole family, regardless of whether those family members might walk on two legs or four. The animal-loving staff and patrons at the Pomona RV Show are sure to welcome your pets with open arms!

Walk the grounds of the show perusing high-quality recreational vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and colors, all at your leisure – while being secure in the knowledge that your beloved pets are safe and happy by your side.

As the 2016 Pomona RV Show is a ten-day event will be open from Friday, October 7th, to Sunday, October 16th, you’ll have plenty of opportunities this year to peruse RV units, RV accessories, booths, seminars, and more.

20 California RV dealers, 48 RV manufacturers, 224 different RV brands, and a total of more than 1325 brand new RVs – there really is so much to see here at the Pomona RV Show!

Should you be going to just one day of the show, every day of the show, or any amount in between, you’re sure to love what the Pomona RV Show can offer you.

What’s more, your pets will love it too! With over 1,000,000 square feet of plot designated just for this RV show, tons of RV related sights to see, and the fresh air of the bright, beautiful, and sunny days of California to enjoy, both you and your pets will certainly be in pure bliss.

So don’t hesitate! Be sure to come to the 2016 Pomona RV Show!

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